From an addicts sister…

My testimony isn’t like most peoples. My experiences haven’t been years, but mearly a few months. I haven’t had to wonder where my brother was, or when he was coming home. But most of all…he isn’t dead.

I remember the phone call from my baby brother, it was 10 pm and we talked for 2 hours. I felt a surge of emotions when I learn that our brother had overdosed, especially when he has secretly sought help a few days earlier. (He was told at that time he had to wait a week before they could take him in, not sure why.) My most prominent emotion was anger.

Anger at him for letting this happen. Anger that he let his wife and children down and put them in financial ruin. Anger that he let his parents and siblings down. We are a close knit family and can talk about everything and anything. Angry because I had asked him 2 months earlier if he had a drug problem. (He asked me for pain killers numerous times, which I gave to him because his knee was bad) Angry at myself for supplying said pain pills. Angry because our family has never had to experience anything like this, ever. It has been 3 months now, my brother has gotten treatment, he’s mended his relationships with his family and friends. He’s had his knee replaced (the cause of all this problem) He has been diligent about his pain control and has a wonderful doctor who’s working hard to get him through. And I…I love my brother, with all my heart, and will be there for him anytime he needs me. Mine is a happy ending, so many don’t get to have that. I pray everyday for those struggling with addiction AND their family, for they are struggling too.

“To Love An Addict Is To Run Out Of Tears.”
 — Barb

My sister, my soulmate, my best friend, my go to girl is an addict. It is the hardest thing to experience, Loving an addict. And I love her with all I have. She’s all I had for all of our youth. Herion has ripped her out of our lives. My situation is a little different than others. I live in Michigan and she stays in California. Distance never came between us but her drug has.

We used to talk daily, several times a day. I always knew what she was up to and we were always planning our next visit. Now I sit up all night and wonder if she is ok. Is she alive, in jail, have a place to sleep tonight, maybe she hasn’t ate in days. I don’t know bc I hear from her maybe once every 6 months.

She has a child she hasn’t seen in almost 2 years. I thank god the father has let me keep a relationship with him. But how do you answer a 5 year old boy when he ask “why is my mommy sick, when can I see her again”. He tells me he prays every night for his mommy and it breaks my heart. Herion stole my nephews Mother. It is the most heart wrenching thing to hear.

Her addiction has affected our family in so many ways it is sickening. But it’s not “my sister” anymore. She is a completely different person. This drug has taken so much from us and when will it stop. Not til she is ready. I hope she is ready soon because the alternative is getting closer everyday. Loving a Herion addict from afar is like grieving the death of someone but they are still alive.

An addicts Sister